Our Operating Beliefs align us closely to the needs of our customers to define how we execute our Vision, Mission, and Values every day. As an employee, you'll see that the operating beliefs set the tone for the decisions we make and the strategies we choose. They are our cultural differentiators and permeate every aspect of our business.


Zero harm mentality

Our Zero Harm mentality is the core belief and mandate that we will operate our business without harm to our customers, our neighbors, our co-workers, or ourselves. Our highest priority is safety and our injury rate has continued to be lower than world-class norms. Our goal is to achieve zero harm at every location where we do business worldwide. Nothing is so important that it can't be done safely.  Zero Harm

Uncompromising quality

 Ops Quality Having an uncompromising commitment to quality is not only a measure of excellence; it's a promise to our customers that goes into every service we provide and every piece of equipment we produce.

Leading innovation

We are truly changing the game in mining with breakthrough technology and solutions. It's a tough job and takes people with exceptional talent - high intellect, engineering smarts, manufacturing know-how, people skills, and business savvy - all focused on leading innovation that makes mining safer and more productive.  Ops Continuous Improvement

Customer focus

 Ops Customer Focus Our unwavering focus on the customer informs everything we do as a company: every customer is a reference. Word of mouth is the best advertising and we plan to turn every customer into an evangelist for who we are and what we do. In fact, it's more than just a goal. It's a mantra.

Social and environmental responsibility

We understand that leadership and corporate citizenship are inextricably linked. And at Joy Global, we believe that engaging in the communities where we operate helps build a sustainable vision. And we don't stop there. Our products and services lead the way in environmentally responsible solutions for the mining industry now and in the future.


Maximizing operating leverage

 Ops Leverage Changing the game isn't just an objective. It's a journey. We have a relentless drive to continuously improve, each and every day, and deliver the operational results our shareholders have come to expect.


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