Since the late 1990s, Joy Global has focused on building progressively smarter and more connected products designed to help optimize the performance of an entire mining operation (measured in cost-per-ton of ore produced per day).

Smart, connected products

Our equipment includes four levels of smart, connected product capabilities:

  • Monitoring: our equipment has a range of sensors and measurement systems to monitor operations and performance
  • Control: operating parameters such as speed, cutting height, and face alignment can be controlled remotely
  • Optimization: our prognostics tool analyzes product data to predict potential failures in near real time on components such as motors, drives, clutches, and hydraulics controls
  • Autonomy: our equipment can operate autonomously, either individually or as part of the product system, increasing safety and improving mine productivity

Predictive analytics partnership

To help us take these capabilities to the next level, Joy Global has partnered with IBM to develop the core predictive analytics necessary to deliver our JoySmartSM Solutions. Big data and analytics technology – including advanced predictive analytics software and optimization solutions – enhance our ability to improve our customers' mining machine performance while reducing downtime and costs.

Our cloud-based, mobile-enabled solution allows us to take JoySmart from the individual customer level to the worldwide fleet level, giving us the ability to analyze big data from all JoySmart-connected mining equipment. This allows us to more quickly identify anomalies in machine performance, leading to continuous improvement of our equipment.

Our goal is to help our customers increase production and reduce operating costs, while maintaining a focus on zero harm. Therefore, our partnership with IBM will help us improve our JoySmart Solutions through the innovative design and implementation of a truly holistic big data and analytics solution. 


Ben Snyman's presentation at IBM's Insight 2014

There is no time to waste when working underground. Joy Global constantly monitors underground conditions in order to adjust the course of action. A few minutes can make all the difference. With JoySmart Solutions, we are gathering, storing and analyzing data faster with real-time insights in context. Ben Snyman, VP Underground Mining, explains this exciting new technology solution. 

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