Qingdao Tianxun was acquired from IMM in 2011. Founded in September 2001, Qingdao Tianxun has over one million square meters of manufacturing space in the Qingdao Jaionan waterfront industrial park. Qingdao Tianxun also has technology partnerships with the Shandong University of Science and Technology, as well as leading electrical controls companies such as ABB and Siemens.

Today, Qingdao Tianxun is a premier brand of electronic controls for longwall mining in the Asian market – primarily China. The Qingdao Tianxun brand enjoys a robust customer base, having both Joy Global as an internal customer as well as countless external customers. In addition, these products are targeted to markets such as Russia, India, and Poland. The Qingdao Tianxun brand is considered one of the best in China for its:

  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Technology 
  • Service/parts support
  • Short lead time for equipment delivery

The Qingdao Tianxun brand is a key provider of mining automation control equipment development; it also develops electrical control systems and devices for transport equipment. The brand’s main products are mine explosion-proof switch boxes, modular inverters, operation boxes, and on-board computers. 


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