Smartzone Proximity System highlights:

  • Recognizes and monitors personnel movement around equipment
  • Compatible with all Joy room and pillar products
  • Equipment-specific monitoring zones
  • MSHA-approved personnel  wearable devices
  • Seamless interaction between multiple machines

System overview

The Joy Smartzone Proximity System helps teach personnel to operate underground mining equipment from safe working zones, as well as to stay away from danger zones. Smartzone recognizes and monitors individual personnel movement around a machine, providing an additional layer of analysis for in-depth training initiatives. Please note that Smartzone is not intended to replace training or safe operating practices; rather, it is a useful tool in an overall personnel training program.

System operation

The Smartzone Proximity System is made of two related components:

  • Drivers: drivers are placed strategically on the equipment, covering a variety of directions and angles; the drivers then work together in a coordinated fashion to track the position of any person wearing a Personnel Wearable Device (PWD)
  • Personnel Wearable Device (PWD): PWDs are compact devices, roughly the size of a cell phone, worn by mining personnel; each PWD emits a signature signal that is recorded and tracked by the drivers

Smartzone maintains two distinct operating zones around equipment:

  • Initial warning zone: in zone one, or the initial warning zone, Smartzone audibly and visually signals the person, through their PWD, that he or she is getting too close to the equipment
  • Shutdown zone: in zone two, or the shutdown zone, Smartzone disables various machine functions when it detects a person with a PWD in that zone

While the shape of the zones is dependent on the shape of the equipment, both the initial warning zone and shutdown zone will be the same shape. The only difference between them will be their size.

In addition, when Smartzone is installed on multiple machines, the drivers interact seamlessly between the machines, detecting if a person with a PWD is in zone one or two for any or multiple machines.

System features

  • Full plug-and-play capability: all Smartzone components have either quick disconnect couplings or dedicated wiring harnesses; if a driver fails, a new driver can be quickly and easily installed, with no recalibration necessary
  • Equipment-specific zone configurations: Smartzone zone configurations can be customized to both the shape of the machine and the mine personnel’s role; whether the equipment has hard corners or radii, Smartzone has the unique ability to correctly conform the zones, reducing the number of nuisance warnings and shutdowns
  • Faceboss integration: when Smartzone is integrated with Faceboss, troubleshooting the proximity system is quick and easy; dedicated screens allow operators to evaluate system health and performance in real time
  • Data storage: Smartzone stores data for a minimum of 80 hours.
  • Machine integrated drivers: drivers are sturdily protected by metal cages and inches of polycarbonate to ensure that they are not damaged in the mine environment; in addition, no drivers are mounted above machine covers  

Personnel Wearable Device (PWD) features

The PWD is small and compact, making it easy to wear on a belt. The device is MSHA approved (certification number 18-A13003-0), intrinsically safe, and powered by a rechargeable internal battery.


 Size   2.63" x 4.61" x 1,53"
 Weight   13 oz. 
 Battery life  18 hours
 Charging time   8 hours
 Size of charging station            6 PWDs

Joy service and support

All Smartzone Proximity Systems are backed by Joy’s field service technicians and extensive distribution network.

Systems can be fitted during rebuilds in an authorized Joy service center or included in a new machine purchase. 

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