Joy, HAC System in Open Pit Mining

HAC system and related equipment

HAC System in Open Pit Mining

When compared to truck-only haulage in open pit mining operations, advantages of the HAC system include:

  • Reduced truck haulage costs due to fewer trucks and shorter routes
  • Less sensitive to inflationary pressure: fuel and tires
  • Less labor
  • Less sensitive to weather conditions
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Energy efficient

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A HAC system can convey material at very steep angles, high lifts and capacities over 8,000 MTPH, saving you up to 50% in material handling costs.

Designed for high performance

One of the secrets to the high-performance capabilities of the HAC system is in its use of pressing components. The fully equalized pressing mechanisms secure materials towards the center of the belt while gently, but effectively, sealing the belt edges together.

During operation, the conveyed material remains sealed between the carrying and cover belts, decreasing the potential for spillage along the conveyor length.

The pressing mechanism does not confront the material; instead, it conforms to the surface shapes using soft, gentle pressure. This helps ensure both the preservation of the conveyed material and the conveying system.

Another performance feature is the use of standard, smooth surface belts. These allow continuous cleaning by belt scrapers or plows, ensuring high throughput of wet and sticky materials.

Designed for flexibility

The HAC system is adaptable to multi-module sections using self-contained units, as well as single-run systems. In the both cases, the conveyor unit may be shortened or lengthened or the conveying angle may be altered according to the requirements of a new location.

Designed for ease of maintenance

The HAC system uses standard conveyor idlers and rolls, ensuring that component replacement is quick and easy. 

Use our Ready Reckoner tool to create quick, high-level CAPEX and OPEX estimates for HAC systems and surface feeder-breakers in open pit mining applications.

With just a few key pieces of information, you can generate capital and operating costs as well as power requirements. You can then use this information in the planning and development of feasibility projects and greenfield mine planning.

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